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Radhastami Reflections

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Radhastami Reflections

Reporting by Madhurya Priya Devi Dasi and Vrindavanesvari Devi Dasi

On Sri Radhastami, all lucky souls at the Soquel Seva Ashram were graced by Srila Govinda Maharaj’s sweet darshan. He spoke for about 20 minutes and then chanted bhajans. Please visit the media page to hear audio from this program. Afterwards, devotees shared their impressions of the lecture and kirtan.
“The emphasis was on Gurudev’s inconceivable acceptance of us. That he would want to travel across the world to be with us makes no sense. The songs were magnificent. His voice was so strong, like Srimati Radharani was sending her pure servant to recruit us. Sri Guru is non-different from Radha. From how merciful and how sweet he is, we can have some idea of her nature.”
–Srilekha Devi Dasi
“If Krishna is mad at you, then Radha can save you. But if Sri Radha is upset with you, then you have no hope. First we see Guru as Krishna coming to us. But as we look deeper, by his mercy, we can see Sri Radha in Sri Guru. Then we only want to serve them.”
–Sarvabhavana Das
“The story of the birth of Srimati Radharani is for our satisfaction. We need to know; we need to have some stories. They help us get some attraction for the divine lila. Krishna has these enjoyments so we can be attracted; otherwise, we will be stuck here forever.”
–Sripad Akinchan Maharaj
“We must always remember that without Radha, we are nothing. We must not try to approach or worship Krishna directly, but we should go through Her current. Goswami Maharaj once said that Sridhar means ‘current of Radha,’ and through him and our parampara, we may proceed happily.”
–Jai Gauranga Das
“The mood was very special knowing that Srila Gurudev would speak about Sri Radha, whom very few are qualified to mention. To hear him singing ‘Jaya Radha, Jaya Radha,’ gave me goosebumps. The strength in his voice was magnificent.”
–Madhura Priya Devi Dasi


Srila Haridas Thakur - Sept 27
Srila Jiva Goswami - Sept 25
Darshan - Sept 17

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