Vaisnava Cookie Scouts

Soquel Seva Ashram

September 30, 2004

Every weekend, a group of little Vaisnavas get together to do a very special thing.

They take a basket filled with cookies, a sign, and a money pouch.

They visit a neighborhood in Santa Cruz and decide which house they will go to first.

They go to each door and sell delicious cookies baked by the devotees.

Each of them take turns explaining what they are doing. Almost everybody that answers their door is intrigued. There isn't a single person who doesn't think Premananda is adorable.

Krsna Priya always charms people with her theatrical British accent.

Ramananda gets so fired up that sometimes he leaves his teammates and sells cookies by himself.

Devaki, otherwise known as Tink, has a witty character. There isn't a single question that she can't answer when it comes to selling cookies.

After two hours it is time for us to go home.

Until our next cookie scouting adventure, the children do their best to read, read, read.

Here we remind you to "rock on" (please continue with your service) and"hang loose" (be as tolerant as a tree and as humble as a blade of grass.

The kids are always happy to do service.